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By Ruchi Aggarwal
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Case Interview Fundamentals

Basics of case interview, Approach and Interviewer requirements

Elements of a perfect case interview explained in detail

10+ Frameworks

Profitability, Pricing, Market Entry, Due Diligence

Learn all about every case interview and ace your case!

LIVE Case-Solving Session

Solve a 1:1 REAL consulting case with Ruchi LIVE

Practice a LIVE case interview with Ruchi and receive tips to perfect your case solving

Business & Industry fundamentals

Learn about top industries in consulting & finance basics

Build your business basics to wow your interviewer with your insights

30+ on-demand videos

Watch & learn at your pace, and clarify doubts in LIVE sessions

Full access to 30+ videos to learn at your leisure

Real Case Simulation

Experience a REAL case walkthrough with detailed post-case analysis

Watch a FULL case walkthrough and analysis to help you model your approach


Have a doubt? Ask all your doubts directly to Ruchi & carve a path to success

Access to Ruchi's mentorship directly via email & message to solve any query

Mentoresult certification

Flaunt your consulting certificate on your resume & LinkedIn

Get recognised on completing the course and demonstrate your employability to recruiters

Kickstart your Consulting career. FAST.

Consulting is a dream for many – But make this dream your REALITY

Join our successful students at McKinsey, BCG, Bain and other top consulting companies & accurate your career today!

At the Mentoresult Consulting Case Interview Course, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about consulting case interviews.

Learn the fundamentals, build your foundation, solve your doubts & practice LIVE with Ruchi. 

ALL in one place!

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Trusted by 2000+ mentees across Top B-Schools

Mentoresult has a proven track record with success stories across B-Schools and Geographies

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Meenal Charan
Meenal Charan
McKinsey & Co
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With the help of Ruchi, I received an offer at McKinsey & company. Anyone trying learn case solving methodologies, this will really help you clear top consulting interviews and her experience would be highly valuable. Right from our first day, I found that the advice and mentorship is suited to my capabilities and goals. It’s very important for someone who is starting a journey where you face high stake dilemmas in a pressurised environment to have a mentor like her. After a long mentor-mentee relationship with Ruchi, my takeaways are that she is truly the most patient mentor you can find.

I would recommend anyone who is feeling confused or unsure about their journey to reach out to Mentoresult without any second thoughts.
Naitik Jain
Naitik Jain
Bain & Company
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I was already preparing for Case Interviews for the upcoming placement season. I found about Mentoresult on LinkedIn and after that, I decided to visit the website to have a look.

The best part of Mentoresult was that when I was exposed to different types of cases - Profitability, Market Entry, Unconventional and others - it always kept me out of my comfort zone, which I think is very important to prepare for the case interviews. I developed a sense of using right frameworks according to the problem statement and also learnt to develop custom frameworks if any case demands so.
Akhil Sunkari Venkata
Akhil Sunkari Venkata
Bain & Company
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The build up from the scratch is perfectly captured in all the modules. This is a go to course not only for people who are just starting up but is also recommended for those who are in intermediate stage of their preparation.

Short and crisp theoretical concepts and very relatable examples makes it very easy to grasp, retain and apply. Ruchi is very approachable, candid in her feedback and knows her stuff inside out, and these according to me are very important traits of a good trainer. I strongly recommend this course and one on one case solving sessions to everyone who is appearing for case interviews.
Viknesh S
Viknesh S
Boston Consulting Group
Read More
I found Mentoresult through LinkedIn by luck. I wanted to practice solving cases with a person who has worked as a management consultant and can guide me appropriately to improve my case solving skills. Ruchi is the perfect person for the same!
Ritesh Darji
Ritesh Darji
Vector Consulting
Read More
This course is designed to give clarity, not only for consulting but also your structured thinking, it will also help to frame answers better in interviews! I was able to polish my thinking-on-my-feet ability after completing my course content and attending live sessions with Ruchi Ma'am! The course helped me develop my overall understanding and deliver better and logical answers in an assertive manner in interview.

Ruchi Ma'am is very helpful and understand the requirement of any person as per their needs. She is helpful in each and every step of your preparation - She is always approachable and you will get a satisfactory answer! Her feedback is very valuable and always on point, she will not just explain how you have performed, but also give great inputs to improve on those points further. She keeps your motivation high!
Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal
Bain & Company
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I came to know about Mentoresult through a friend. Ruchi's insights proved to be super helpful. She helped answer other queries that I had with regards to case prep and the consulting career in general. I feel Ruchi always makes it a point to immerse herself in the candidates journey to better guide them. Would highly recommend Mentoresult for anyone struggling with consulting queries.
Avinash Padhi
Avinash Padhi
Bain & Company
Read More
I was able to secure a job at a top consulting firm of my choice! During placements at IIM, I was in touch with Ruchi for help with case interviews, Her insights and feedback helped me sharpen my preperation with the help of which I secured Bain & Co.
Vasundhra Negi
Vasundhra Negi
Samagra Consulting
Read More
I was a recent Mathematics Honors graduate, just browsing through LinkedIn when I found Mentoresult. Through Mentoresult Case Interview Course, I was able to crack Samagra. I was at a very confused stage of my career where I didn't have enough clarity of the paths I can choose. Ruchi ma'am gave me that clarity of thought which I required the most.

She helped me at every step of the way. She provided personal and professional guidance to me and was always available to clear any doubt in my mind. I am grateful to have found a great mentor and will definitely keep coming back for more guidance in my career!

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  • 30+ On-Demand Videos
  • 10+ Consulting Frameworks
  • Instant Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Industry & Business Primers
  • Real Case Simulation
  • Practice Exercises
  • 6 months of Access
  • LIVE session with Ruchi worth ₹5000
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  • 30+ On-Demand Videos
  • 10+ Consulting Frameworks
  • Instant Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Industry & Business Primers
  • Real Case Simulation
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  • 12 months of Access
  • LIVE session with Ruchi worth ₹5000

Meet your Course Instructor

Ruchi Aggarwal

Founder of Mentoresult | McKinsey | IIM Ahmedabad

Ruchi is a former management consultant at McKinsey & Co. She holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. She scored a 99.99%ile in CAT & 770 in GMAT. She was also a member of McKinsey’s recruitment team.  She has deep expertise in consulting recruitment, both as an interviewee and as a part of the recruitment team. She has solved 5000+ case interviews across her career.

Ruchi is the founder of Mentoresult. As a professional educator & mentor, she has helped 2000+ candidates on their consulting journey. Her students have gone on to secure jobs at top companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Kearney, Accenture, ADL, Accenture, A&M, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Monitor, Roland Berger, Strategy&, ZS, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Amazon, Google, P&G and J&J.

She is a global advisor and has helped candidates across 25+ countries including India, US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and Dubai.

A mentor who has walked the walk, Ruchi has both consulting experience & mentorship credentials, along with extensive expertise in problem-solving and crisp communication. Ruchi has 50,000+ LinkedIn followers and is a Top Voice for Management Consulting on LinkedIn, and a Quora Top Writer for Management Consulting. She is trusted by thousands for her valuable advice and deep expertise in the consulting world.

McKinsey & Co

IIM Ahmedabad

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2000+ Mentees

50K+ LinkedIn Followers

What's included

Comprehensive learnings to kickstart your consulting career.

1. Getting started

✔ Introduction to the Mentoresult Case Interview Course
✔ Course contents and Pedagogy overview

2. Case Interview Basics

✔ What is a case interview?
✔ Which companies use case interviews?
✔ What are interviewers looking for?
✔ How long does a case interview last?

3. Case interview Approach & Methodology

✔ Introduction to case interview structure
✔ Stage 1: Problem clarification
✔ Stage 2: Data Collection
✔ Stage 3: Diagnosis of Issue
✔ Stage 4: Recommendations
✔ Hints and tips for case interview

4. Frameworks

✔ Introduction to frameworks
✔ Issue Tree
✔ Profit and Profitability
✔ Revenue Growth
✔ Cost Optimisation
✔ Pricing
✔ Market Entry
✔ Mergers and Acquisitions
✔ Guesstimates
✔ Additional frameworks
✔ Important tips for using frameworks

5. Real Case Simulation

✔ Introduction to real case simulation
✔ Case demonstration with interviewer and interviewee
✔ Analysis and step-by-step breakdown
✔ Case notes: Dos and Don'ts

6. Case FAQs Answered

✔ Introduction to FAQs
✔ FAQs about Asking Questions during a case interview
✔ FAQs about Frameworks and Solutions
✔ FAQs about Case Interview Practice
✔ Other FAQs

7. Business Fundamentals

✔ Introduction to business fundamentals
✔ Accounting fundamentals
✔ Economics fundamentals
✔ Quant fundamentals
✔ Industry Primer: Financial services, Pharma & Healthcare, Technology, Consumer & retail, Private equity & investing, Auto, Heavy industries & others

8. Live 1:1 SESSION with Ruchi

✔ 60-minutes session with Ruchi included with the session
✔ Completely personalized & 1:1 for your case interview practice
✔ Flexible scheduling as per your requirement - Weekend slots also available!
✔ Special discount offers for any additional practice sessions


My profile is different from the usual. Will the course still be useful for me?


The course is very comprehensive and covers everything involved in the consulting case interview journey. It is not have a one-size-fits-all approach – each module is created in a way that it will be useful for any candidate! Most of our students are from varied backgrounds – Consulting applicants, MBA students, senior executives, PM enthusiasts and anyone who wants to learn problem solving! 

If you’d like to chat before making your purchase, you can email us at [email protected] with your doubts or queries!

Wil the course be useful for my job role targets?


We have helped candidates across 200+ global consulting, PM & Strategy companies, with all roles that require case interviews!

The course is very comprehensive and covers everything involved in the consulting case interview journey. It is not have a one-size-fits-all approach – each module is created in a way that it will be useful for any candidate across any job application! So go ahead and buy stress-free 🙂

If you’d like to chat before making your purchase, you can email us at [email protected] with your doubts or queries!

Who is my mentor for LIVE Session?

Yes, your course LIVE session is with Ruchi!

THis 1:1 session will help you practice a LIVE case and review your learnings. Ruchi will also share live feedback to help you improve your case solving and help you crack top jobs!

How do I complete the course payment?

All payments are enabled via our 100% secure payments partner, Razorpay, which is one of India’s leading payments partners. So buy stress-free!

We provide end-to-end support for all purchases. In case you have any questions or issues, simply drop an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you within a few hours!

How do I access the course?

Simply complete your purchase here and you will instantly get access to all 45+ on-demand videos and 20+ toolkits instantly.

All lessons will be available on your account page here and will also be shared over a confirmation email!

Your will have complete access for one year from your purchase.


Any questions?

Send us a message and we will get back to you asap!

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