GMAT Prep Kickstarter Session

Kick-start your GMAT prep with a personalised coaching session! This session is ideal for anyone looking to start their preparation for their GMAT exams.

This 60-minute one-on-one session is designed to build your GMAT toolkit, with your mentor, Ruchi (GMAT 770). The session covers the foundations of GMAT prep, the methodology of cracking the GMAT and building a prep calendar for your profile to ensure your success.

The session is personalized for your profile with specific insights on your target B-School.

The session also includes a FREE GMAT Prep Handbook with insider tips and best practices.

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Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
✅ Incoming at Wharton School
💰 $50K Scholarship at Wharton
✅ Accepted into Kellogg, ISB as well
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Best consultant who really cares about her clients and who helped me get into Wharton!

I have spoken to Multiple consultants on the journey - but no one has really spent enough time to coach me as much as Ruchi! She took the time to understand my journey, my strengths, and my goals, allowing her to provide tailored guidance that truly resonated with me. This personalized approach made a significant difference in the way I presented myself.

What sets Ruchi apart is her unwavering dedication to her clients. Her insightful feedback, attention to detail, and constructive suggestions helped me refine my answers and articulate my story concisely. Ruchi's ability to provide both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism was invaluable in boosting my confidence and refining my interview skills.

Thanks again Ruchi for your help!
Ishita Gambhir
Ishita Gambhir
✅ Incoming at Chicago Booth
💰 50% scholarship at Chicago Booth
💰 $450,000+ in scholarships across schools
✅ Accepted into 11 top schools including Columbia, Tuck, Darden, Kellogg, INSEAD, NUS, Tepper, UCLA Anderson, Foster
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I had immediate deadlines for several schools, and Ruchi came through. She took the time to understand my resume, essays and short- and long-term goals, and was able to very quickly assess the strengths and highlights of my application. She gave me a third-person’s perspective on my application, which helped me understand how to make my interviews more conversational and less rigid. Ruchi told me exactly what to drill down on based on the requirements of particular schools. Her biggest contribution was solidifying my “why MBA” answer to make it more punchy and relatable. She also explained ways of making my roles and responsibilities at work sound more impactful and came up with certain quantifiable metrics that I could throw in. She even very respectfully told me what was bad about or missing from my answers, and because of my time crunch, immediately gave me quick-fixes.

Ruchi did all of this while remaining infinitely calm, measured, sweet, empathetic – and quick on her feet. She is an incredible resource to have. She’s had a wide experience across schools in different continents, and it shows.

Ruchi prepped me for interviews with 13 schools, out of which I got into 10. She knows what she’s doing, and I’m glad I trusted her.
Ikenna Ude
Ikenna Ude
✅ Incoming at NYU Stern
💰 100% scholarship at NYU Stern
💰 $280,000+ in scholarships across schools
✅ Accepted into Tuck, Berkeley Haas, Cornell Johnson